Price predictions for Ripple (XRP) in 2022

If you think cryptocurrencies will return to record highs, the cryptocurrency Ripple looks like a great investment option compared to the same bitcoin. This is because at the current price of $0.8, a return to a high of $3.30 would mean a major rise, while bitcoin would only rise by half, returning to its highs. But how likely is that? Will Ripple be able to reach its record high? However, some experts have gone so far as to predict that XRP will rise to $8 by the end of 2022, which would mean a 10-fold increase in price. We take a look at XRP price predictions We’ll take a look at XRP price predictions and see if that growth looks likely.

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Derivatives in crypto explained

Experienced traders and investors often use Bitcoin derivatives to make money in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market with less risk. Derivatives themselves are one of the oldest forms of financial contracts in the world, but they are only recently used in the cryptocurrency market and many are still unfamiliar with them. In this article, we would like to introduce you to this financial instrument and tell you about the ways to make money from it. Let’s get derivatives in crypto explained.

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privacy coins

What are privacy coins?

A key ideology in cryptocurrency is the constant pursuit of privacy. But until privacy coins provide easy-to-use, effective solutions at scale, privacy will remain a privilege reserved for the crypto-savvy. What are privacy coins?

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cryptocurrency trading

The different types of cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrencies have gained mainstream popularity due to their innovative technology. But it is hard to deny the fact that many investors pay attention to them, first of all, as a financial instrument for earning money. There are many ways to make money from cryptocurrencies. One of them is cryptocurrency trading. If you are finally ripe for serious financial affairs and have some start-up capital, but don’t know where to start your career as a cryptocurrency trader, this guide is designed especially for you. We will also cover the different types of cryptocurrency trading.

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wrapped tokens

What are wrapped tokens?

What are wrapped tokens? Wrapped tokens are a type of cryptocurrency whose price is related to the price of another cryptocurrency at a 1:1 ratio. Wrapped tokens are very useful when you want to move one currency created in one blockchain network to another blockchain network and conduct transactions there. This is a great advantage because it allows users of different blockchains to work across multiple networks and expands the possibilities of financial interaction.

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Short and long positions

Short and long positions in crypto trading

When trading on virtual currency exchanges, bidders make money on cryptocurrencies by implementing various strategies. Some prefer bearish trading tactics, opening down positions with cryptocurrency pairs. Others like transactions where growth of quotations is expected and, accordingly, profit from the predicted rise in crypto-asset price. Let’s study why shorting cryptocurrencies is more dangerous than long trades on digital coin exchanges. Let’s take a closer look at the differences in strategies with short and long positions in crypto trading. In cryptocurrency trading, where volatility often spikes, this particular trading methodology will be of interest to all players.

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